Updated Aug 13th 2018

Traveling to the island of Jamaica every year has been a way to get deeper into the dancehall world and developing their dance in the streets of Kingston. 



ENOUGH dance crew is a (mostly) Swedish-based dance group from Stockholm, who dance and teach dancehall classes and workshops. We also create events and shows/performances both as a crew and individually. We do everything from promotional work to music videos, even bachelor and bachelorette parties. Oh, and JohannaENOUGH also arrange trips to Jamaica if you ever want to go there some day :) DANCEHALL is our passion, our life and what we represent as a dance crew. 

Some of our members are taught in several dance styles and has experience in both Hip Hop, House as well as Balett and Modern dance. But together we embrace DANCEHALL and it's culture to the fullest. One of our goals is to share the knowledge we've assembled from countless trips to Jamaica and years of "studying" the culture and the dance. Teaching dancehall with the goal to educate and share the love and respect for the culture with all their students (from the age of 4 to 50+) has been a way to spread the message.

ENOUGH dance crew also works closely with creative people and dancers under the name ENOUGH productions. Read more about who we are.

DANCEHALL is our passion, our life and what we represent as a dance crew. We want to share it with you.


  • ENOUGH productions is an "umbrella name" for several creative people and dance crews that work together and dance together; including ENOUGH dance crew and their students Notice Dance Crew (managed by StephENOUGH). 
  • The name ENOUGH came about while scrolling through iTunes trying to find some inspirations for a good name. Why ENOUGH? Because we had enough )(!)... of dancers from other genres (back then) not really acknowledging dancehall as a proper dance style. This was our way to say, Dancehall is ENOUGH - we only danced dancehall and we did not have to practice other styles to get accepted. Also we had enough of drama around/within the scene.
  • ENOUGH is also a part of The Swedish Family - a mix of friends that all does something within the dancehall scene (dj, dance etc), who travels to Jamaica together from time to time. We got tired of introducing all of our different crew names when people asked us who we were and where we were from, so we started calling ourselves The Swedish Fam.
  • ENOUGH dance crew has coached and taught many student groups during the year; Global dancers, AQceS Dancers, AQ Dancers and Notice Dance Crew.
  • ENOUGH dance crew was founded by Jacqueline N Sahlin, Stephenie Bergström and Alexandra Sannerblom in 2009. Through the years the crew has gone from 3 members to 12, and today they are 6 active members.