The History of ENOUGH

The crew was founded back in 2008 by the dancers Alexandra, Stephenie and JacQueline. The crew was baptized during a trip to Jamaica in March 2009 and since then the crew has gained more members while been teaching and performing together as ENOUGH.

JacQie, Alex & Steph back in 2012, right before the crew expanded.

JacQie, Alex & Steph back in 2012, right before the crew expanded.


The crew was founded back in 2008 by the dancers Alexandra Sannerblom aka Popeye, Stephenie Bergström aka Big Moma and JacQueline N Sahlin aka Pärlan. They’d all been dancing since a young age and meet for the first time back in 2005 while taking classes for Melpo Mouratidou. After dancing for Melpo for just a few years, performing under the name (Blue Hill girls, that later became) Break The Silence, the girls were asked to take over Melpo's dance classes as she was moving to New York for a while. Break The Silence dissolved as a group but the dance classes kept on going led by Alexandra and Jacqueline and Stephenie was there supporting everyday.

The girls were now the best of friends, spending all their free time with each other and they kept on dancing together, which made them realise that they needed a crew name for the three of them. In 2008 the Jamaica dancer Ding Dong came to Sweden to the very first time to perform and the girls attended the event in matching outfits, clearly stating that they were a crew, however still without a name. After months of searching for the right name, the crew was officially baptised during a trip to Jamaica in March 2009, and since then they taught dance classes and performed together as ENOUGH.


When 3 BECOMES 12

In 2012 they decided to expand their crew and together with their former students from AQceS Dancers they created a new and even stronger ENOUGH dance crew filled with hungry dedicated dancers to spark the fire.
In 2014 they decided to extend their dancing family even more under the name ENOUGH Productions, which included ENOUGH dance crew and their students Notice Dance Crew and the new AQceS Dancers. 



We have been around for 10 years and we are still here. The crew is now represented by 6 active members but each and everyone that has been a part of this journey will always be a part of the ENOUGH family. 

“We represent something different; everybody has their own flavour, appearance, personality and style… That’s what makes us who we are, the diversity is fun and unusual but we all come together because we all share the same passion for what we do”.
— ENOUGH productions