New year… New Style Dancehall – New York, Brooklyn.. GOOOD!

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December 21st, 2010
Happy NNw Year everybody! 2011 will be a good year with alot of surprises!!
Now let's continue with di guys from NEEWW YORK! They kill it, maaad! I mean they're takin dancehall to another level with their styöe nad moves. The ORIGINALITY is craaaaaaaazy! You hardlt see them doin other dancers steps, they make their own! Ofcourse they use some but it's like 50/50 and their shit is niice. I'm goin there soon enough and i know it will be MAD!

I wrote this about Chekkaz & White Out (from Jamaica) and it's fits on the New Yorkers aswell...
"These guys is dancin dancehall but I call it NEW STYLE dancehall. A looot of steppin and another vibe (still NICE) than the steps u see from just two years ago. It also oofcourse includes the style and fashion :) U'll also notice aloooot more choreographed (synched) pices in their dancin than before! It might look easy like anybody can do the steps, and u can but probably NOT with the same feeling, which according to me makes it dancehall!"
They've even broken their shit down for us, so if u want to do it like them.. Here u go :D

New York – Dem shell it dung

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December 21st, 2010
Ok, was suppose to write about the guys from New York who SHELL DUNG DI PLACE ova dere.. But found the clip from when Ravers Clavers was there so this time we shine the light on all of them. Havent seen beer n pencil dance dis much since loong time. Here u got it... Di fluffy gyal deh, good! What can we say we like it :D! Except di girl on girl action haha.. ENJOY!

To all of our students….

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December 21st, 2010
We just want to say thaaank u to everybody for the GULLY GRINCH show, our students were off the hook :) See ya'll next year!

TONIGHT, this year’s laaast NUH LINGA – TEAM UP!!!

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December 18th, 2010
This is the laaaast Nuh Linga for the year so people come out do Swedens BEST dancehall spot.
This time it's team up time...
As u can see there will be alooot of artist and selectas teamin up, and ofcourse AQceS & THE SWEDISH FAMILY, always there to shoooow looove! And we knooow how fii party, believe it!!! And her is the prooof...
TEAM UP as STAINY says!!!!
And if you want to know what we were up to last time, check out the post below :D